Just gonna go and delete all that lol

Just wanna let you all know I won’t have regular internet until Thursday (because of the moving between places).

So I’ll post here and there, but it’ll be through my phone w/out wireless… X o X If you have a dire question, plz email me instead (oshaikeuchi@gmail.com) and I’ll answer asap!

Anonymous asked:
You 've been together for some time now!How did you manage to make your relationship last that much?congrats!

Ha haaaaaa well we still have our problems and have had some bumps…. But I dunno, were both pretty laid back people, we have the same mindset for a lot of things. It just works out! Of course we both get on each others nerves sometimes >7>; but its all give and take…… I don’t know….. Maybe I just got lucky… Lol.

Its been so busy, I almost forgot to mention, today is mine and Ichi’s 9 year anniversary. X oX whoa.

Anonymous asked:
Thank you guys for helping me you are too kind. Architecture is not my passion but I think it's the closest to what I want to do with my life and will improve my art skills(hopefully)So yeah I think I will probably go for architecture

Awesome. :D Gl, you should let me know how it goes once you get started!

Anonymous asked:
i was checking out your old videos and i wander why you say you wouldn't want to live in Japan?

Ummm because some aspects of the culture make me feel a bit uncomfortable, do put it softly o wo;;;;

Although there are some things about Japan I LOVE….. There’s also some things I wouldn’t want to live with. But I’d love to visit some day!

Plus idk Japanese so ha

Anonymous asked:
your new business card is awsome!

Thank you! I like it a lot too * _*

ichigomashi said: ”I think you can still learn about psychology while pursuing what you love, passion for one thing shouldn’t limit what you learn about.”

Well the thing is it’s about prioritisation and like, focusing your energy. If you’re going to school for something like psych, chances are its going to be heavy workload and not much room for other things. In the end it depends on how much you want to prioritise your passion. Because when you go to school, that’s your priority.

That’s why I say if you’re going to school for it, you better like it a lot, because that’s what you’re kind of building your life around. You’re building it around your diploma to get a job. For your whole life.

I couldn’t possibly do something else + do my art because I have art on the brain. So I guess it depends on the person.

Anonymous asked:
Can you help me ocean?I am about to choose whether to study psychology or architecture.I like psychology a lot but I am not interested in working as a phychologist ,I want to be an illustrator. So although I prefer drawing more cartoonish style, drawing buildings is fun too and studying architecture would improve my art skills. (I have only these two options)

From personal experience (by that I mean… Stories I’ve heard from my friends) everybody who had s passion for art, and they’ve tried to do something else, they quit. Every single person I know who’s done that has quit.

I had a friend in forensics who quit. I had a friend in highschool who went into auto mechanics and he wanted to be an actor… He eventually quit (lost all his money in auto).

Being an artist is something you can’t just cover up, I think. If you have a passion for it, or if that’s what you love, I say you may as well go for it. Whether it be architecture or illustration. (Architecture will involve a lot of math so be aware of that)

In the end its your decision. But the worst part is starting something your unsure of. Its a big decision and could either make you very unhappy or you could lose a lot of money.

Good luck! You should let me know in the future what you choose. :D

Anonymous asked:
Oh please keep doing updates! Its lovely seeing your new house ^u^ I cant wait til you guys get settled in and can make a vlog :D

Tysm! Me too! TT u TT